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Land A Whole Lot More Than Just A Fish This March
How Much Does Fishing Actually Cost you?
[ it all adds up! ]
The Occasional lure? More line?
More tackle and new setups?
all to have it snap off...
Swimming away with the fish you were about to catch. ūü§¨
Prices go up.
It's not always cheap to head out for a fish, with fuel, bait, tackle, maintenance, breakages, repairs and regos. 

All to have a great time though right?

Sometimes it gets a bit hard to plan a fishing trip with everything else going on in your world. 

It Gets hard to set up a time where you and all your mates can get out for a fish because they've got busy lives too.

This is What We Thought, So Something Had to Be done.

So We Decided To Do All The Planning For You...
you can win big prizes Too!
We spent the last 1 year and 6 months planning a fishing competition, so we can give back some of the money you spend on fishing... 

we're on a mission to help fishers just like you!
We wondered how is it possible to give a bunch of fishermen and women a bunch of cash and prizes just for fishing? 

We can't just sell something, that only costs you money, how does that help?

Then, we had a think.

That's it! We'll start a fishing competition and give away as many prizes as we can afford.
Deep Blue DNA Started.
We started trying to figure out how we could run a fishing competition.

We had to figure out how to give back as much as we could and still afford to run the event.

Well, we finally came to the agreement that we could give away $35,000 for every 500 adults 

And $17,500 for every 500 juniors that join the comp, 

And if the entrant numbers double, we can give out double the prizes...

How cool is that! 

But that wouldn't pay for your guys' event. 

So we bought in vendors which will cover your amenities and lighting, your stage and medics, and other activities.

Then we thought How can we do more? 

That's it we'll bring in sponsors and advertisers so we can give away even more stuff, 

So that was the plan and now we have to get it all done!
So Can I Ask You, What It Would Be Like If you Could take home the major prize...
would that change some things ?
Say you came down and landed the major prize would that help with a few things?

Ok now say you didn't do too well and you won ONLY 3 category wins, that's $600 worth of prizes would that save you some cash? winning a bunch of new tackle or a new setup?

Now let's just say you didn't even do that well, and you only won 1 category win, would $200 in prizes get you out and about landing even more fish?

What if you won them all?

All you really have to do for a win this March is come along to the Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition, go for a fish, take home some prizes, some memories, and have an all-around great weekend.

You get to head out doing what you love, and you get the chance to take home some serious cash and prizes.

Without doing anything different from what you would usually do, Go Fishing!
[ The Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition!!! ]
DBDNA is a 3 day fishing competition March 5,6,7th in the heart of Mooloolaba Spit, Over 40 vendor stalls, and over $35,000 in cash and prizes for every 500 adult entrants, $17,500 for every 500 junior entrants.
Don't think we just stop there though, for every new entrant into the competition the prize pools rise also.

So if there are 1000 entrants we can give away $70,000

For 2000 entrants its $140,000 in cash and prizes, so really its only as big as you want it to be!

If you don't want to find a park or drive to the spit, you can launch from the Mooloolaba Spit Boat ramp early, there are 130 car+trailer parks.

Also, you can pull your boat into the Mooloolaba jetty and there is a 1hr limit, so you can stay tied up, drop over to the event and weigh in your catch then jump back in your boat and head to your destination.

There are 5 hours of weigh-in time per day
11am - 2pm and 3pm - 5pm.
Here Is Exactly What's Included In Your Offer...

#1 Entry Into The Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition

When you buy this ticket you will receive an entry into the Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition For the full 3 days.
Then you'll be in the running to score some serious prizes that could really get you back on track after Covid. 

The old saying is you gotta be in it to win it right? Otherwise your just giving your potential prizes away to the next best in line. 

I think it should be, if you think you can win it, you better get in it.

#2 Potential Cash And Prize Winnings

With over $35,000 in cash and prizes for every 500 adult entrants, $17,500 for every 500 junior entrants. 

It's easy to see how just heading out for a fish could be so beneficial.

Not only to get some cash but to really stretch those legs and get out of the house for some decent fishing adventures.

And we've done all the setup for you. 

#3 Over 40 stalls and activities to browse through when you're not out catching that winning fish.

Come down to the DBDNA Fishing Comp, and there will be loads of vendor stalls to browse through and plenty of food to have a feed on so you won't go hungry at the event.
 All This And A Satisfaction Guarantee
If the competition is forced to close due to absolutely anything , Covid-19, or an unforeseen event we'll even refund your ticket costs or transfer your ticket to the next event... No questions asked.
So If You Like Fishing....
[ or even better winning ]
And you want to be in the running to take home some killer prizes.

Get out and about to stretch your legs and just enjoy a weekend out with your mates and family, 

Pick up a ticket now and get ready to get amongst it!

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Here’s A Recap Of...
[ EVERYTHING You'll Get ]
When You Enter the Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition!
  • ¬†#1 Entry into the Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition for the Full 3 days¬†($90 Value)
  • ¬†#2 The potential for over $35,000 in Cash and Prizes¬†($35,000 Value)
  • ¬†#3 Vendor and Food Stalls and a community event to attend.
Adult Entry -Total  Prize Value per 500 entrants: $35,000
Junior Entry - Total Prize Value per 500 entrants: $17,500
Enter The Deep Blue DNA Fishing Competition Today.
Only $90
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